Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” trademarked the term FlexibilityRx™ as a name for his workshops. These workshops were an extension of his one on one sessions with athletes in CrossFit gyms. Athletes who would come to see Kevin for manual therapy would receive one or two corrective exercises after their sessions. Soft tissue work involving assisted stretching and myofascial release techniques is an important catalyst for pain elimination, injury rehabilitation, and better movement. However, ultimately it is the retraining of the central nervous system and brain that enables new patterns of skeletal alignment, core stabilization, and unrestricted movement to take hold.

This website describes Kevin’s journey and trainings, as well as provides information about the two offerings Kevin provides (one on one sessions and group workshops).

One-on-One Sessions
One-on-one sessions are generally an hour long. Sessions involve a detailed assessment of range of motion, posture/alignment, full body palpation of trigger points and restricted areas, gait analysis, orthopedic tests, manual muscle testing, and a sports performance screen. After the assessment sessions involve a combination of assisted stretching, soft-tissue techniques, joint mobilizations, and corrective exercise. A personalized home care program of exercises is included to support the work performed during sessions. Handouts are provided detailing smart training in the gym, posture recommendations, positioning at work, and self-assessments to maintain the improvements in movement and alignment.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

No matter how chronic your condition or advanced the dysfunction I guarantee that within three visits your problems will be identified and you will be well on your way to a permanent resolution.

Conditions Treated
Plantar Fascitiis
Fallen Arches
Knee Pain/Instability
Hip Impingement
Groin Pulls
SI Joint Pain
IT Band Pain
Low Back Pain
Respiratory Disorders
Frozen Shoulder
Shoulder Pain/Impingement
Elbow Pain
Numbness into Hands/Arms
Neck Pain
TMJ/Jaw Pain

For more information regarding one-on-one sessions see this page.

FlexibilityRx™ Workshops
FlexibilityRx workshops empower athletes to quickly restore range of motion, enhance core stability, and optimize movement for their workouts. Having worked with hundreds of CrossFit athletes and over 15 CrossFit gyms I can confidently say that most gym members are plagued by two types of movement dysfunctions.

The first is overextension which limits overhead movement and is responsible for chronic hip flexor, hamstring, and lat tightness. The second compensation pattern is rarely discussed or treated. Right side dominance is a pattern driven by human asymmetry. Many movements in the gym involve bilateral symmetrical movements like the squat, deadlift, clean, snatch, and shoulder press. The introduction of asymmetrical one arm and leg exercises can rebalance an athlete’s alignment and restore normal movement patterns.

Learning to combat overextension and right side dominance without foam rolling, stretching, or traditional gym warm-up exercises will resolve chronic flexibility limitations that athletes have failed to overcome in the past. Self assessments and correctives can be applied within five minutes before a workout to ensure injury prevention, performance optimization, and continued achievement of personal records.

The Flexibility Coach

Workshops are completely customizable for gym owners and athletes of all kinds. Typically they are two hours in length with a cap of 20 participants.

For more information regarding FlexibilityRx workshops see this page.

Online Resource
This website also functions as an online resource for people that Kevin may not be able to work with in person. This is a way for him to share the knowledge that he has accumulated over the last ten years. I will be revamping my blog and putting up a resource page towards the end of 2017.