“Moving Beyond Muscle”

Mobility and Flexibility are essential to continued success with CrossFit.  My January 2012 CrossFit Journal Article, “Moving Beyond Muscle” describes the benefits of Structural Integration and Fascial Stretch Therapy™ for CrossFit athletes.

CrossFit Mobility

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This article was featured in the CrossFit Journal - an excellent resource for CrossFitters and anyone interested in better understanding functional movement, fitness,  and exercise – support the CrossFit Journal by subscribing to their yearly Journal here.  You will have access to an entire library of videos for running, gymnastics, weight-lifting, and mobility – as well as articles and interviews.

My 2013 IASI Yearbook Article, “Benefits of Structural Integration for CrossFit Athletes Competing in the ‘Sport of Fitness” is a case study about the application of a 12-Session series of KMI Structural Integration and Fascial Stretch Therapy™ on a CrossFit athlete training at CrossFit Scottsdale for CrossFit competitions.