What is SICFIT?

Media, Technology, Action Sports Promotion, Lifestyle Brand.

SICFIT is a global lifestyle brand and media outlet that provides one of the easiest ways to upload or view content showcasing fitness as a sport. Delivering real-time and taped coverage of events, challenges, competitions and individual athletic accomplishments from across the globe, SICFIT is the media outlet for CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts. Generated by our users, regional correspondents, ambassadors and athletes, SICFIT remains on the cutting edge of fitness culture and sets the tone for our industry through real athletes’ perspectives.

To learn more about the brand, how to partner or advertise with SIFCIT, or to share your SIC fitness and sporting lifestyle through video, photos or blogs visit: www.SICFIT.com today.

Register and upload your latest media to the site. Whether it’s commentary, training, or anything that us CrossFit athletes do for fun – it belongs on SICFIT.com. You post it, we’ll sort it. We will continue until everyone knows our sport.