2013 FlexibilityRx™ Workshop Schedule


February 2nd CrossFit Scottsdale (Saturday 1-3pm)

March 9th CrossFit Scottsdale (Saturday 1-3pm)

April 12th BackAlley CrossFit (Friday 6:30-8:30pm)

April 13th at CrossFit Scottsdale (Saturday 1-3pm)

April 20th The Cell Gym (CrossFit Superstition) (Saturday 1-3pm)

May 5th East Valley CrossFit (Sunday 1-3pm)

May 11th CrossFit Scottsdale (Saturday 1-3pm)

June 8th CrossFit Forever Strong (Saturday 1-3pm)

June 9th East Valley CrossFit (Sunday 1-3pm)

June 15th CrossFit Scottsdale (Saturday 1-3pm)

July 13th at CrossFit Scottsdale (Saturday 1-3pm)

New Format – Level 1 & Level 2 Workshops

July 21st East Valley CrossFit  L1 (Sunday 1-2:30pm)

August 1st CrossFit Scottsdale  L1 (Thursday 8-9:30am)

August 4th East Valley CrossFit L1 (Saturday 3-5pm)

September 1st East Valley CrossFit “Coaches Only” (Sun, 1-2:30pm”

September 7th East Valley CrossFit “The Perfect Squat Clinic” (Sat, 2:30-4pm)

September 14th CrossFit Southwest L1 (Saturday 1-2:30pm)

September 15th CrossFit ForeverStrong L1 (Sunday 1-230pm)

September 16th SICFIT Scottsdale L1 (Monday 7:30-9pm)

September 21st CrossFit Infernal L1 (Saturday 1-2:30pm)

October 6th CrossFit Untouchable L1 (Sunday 1-2:30pm)

October 13th CrossFit Incendia L1 (Sunday 1-2:30pm)

October 16th SICFIT Scottsdale L1 (Wednesday 7:30-9am)

October 26th CrossFit Arizona L1 (Saturday 1-2:30pm)

November 15th SICFIT Scottsdale L1 (Friday 6:30-8pm)

December 14th SICFIT Scottsdale L2 (Saturday 1-3pm)*

*First Level 2 Workshop

CrossFit Gym Owners

To inquire about hosting a FlexibilityRx™ Workshop at your CrossFit Affiliate contact Kevin – Kevin@FlexibilityRx.com